Types of FORXAI partner

FORXAI forms a community of solution partners and technology partners, aiming a common goal of creating diverse and attractive solutions for the end users. Konica Minolta provides partner programs to expand and evolve the community.

Solution partners

Solutions partners are partners that plan, develop, and sell solutions together to accelerate DX in society through the use of FORXAI technologies. Solution partners can develop solutions, by utilizing the "IoT platform", "imaging AI", and "Edge Device" provided by the FORXAI community.

Technology partners

Technology partners are partners that provide the FORXAI community with their technologies of AI, devices, and platforms. Applicable technologies owned by technology partners are implemented in solutions that solution partners and Konica Minolta develop for the end users.

* There is no clear-cut distinction between solution partners and technology partners.

Partner program

There are many benefits to joining the FORXAI partner program, as follows:

Benefits of being a solution partners

Eligibility to access and use various AI algorithms and edge devices

Opportunity to get more business chances through collaboration among partners

Capability to manage devices and applications by FORXAI remote control architecture to streamline the overall operation

Benefits of being a technology partners

Benefits of being a technology partners

Capability to do business globally

Opportunity to easily implement the proprietary AI algorithms in hardwares

Members of the partner program are eligible to access the usable contents, shown as follows, for technology development and solution planning at each member company, through the specific partner company site:

- FORXAI technology information (SDK, and others)
- Information on use cases and the initiatives of partners
- Event information and other opportunities

To join the partner program, you need to sign the non-disclosure agreement and accession agreement of the FORXAI partner program. Please feel free to contact us.