IoT Platform

IoT common base platform for that enables easy integration of edge devices and cloud services

Konica Minolta is developing its business in many fields under the strategy of Imaging IoT and AI. Thus, Konica Minolta has developed the FORXAI IoT Platform (IoT Platform, hereafter) as an IoT common base platform. IoT Platform is a set of technologies that link edge devices and the cloud services securely and easily for data management and AI processing.

Followings are main functions of IoT Platform:

  • Management functions such as data collection from devices and remote device monitoring
  • Data communication function between devices and the cloud services and communication function for remote device monitoring
  • Notification functions in case of communication interruption or anomaly detection
  • Deployment and execution functions of AI on devices and the cloud environment
  • Support functions for building applications such as account management and security insurance

Overview of IoT Platform

IoT Platform consists of three layers: cloud, edge, and device, each of which is equipped with necessary functions beforehand.


APIs are provided for the storage and search of data processed by AI at edges, notification to the administrators, remote device monitoring, and so on.


Edges refer to processing machines such as computers installed in workplaces. Edges have functions such as receiving data from devices, processing the data by AI, and sending processing results to the cloud.


Devices refer to input/output sensors installed in workplaces and embedded systems that control these sensors. Data collected by devices are sent to edges, where AI processing is performed.