Edge Device

Input/Output processing devices for "Visualization"

Konica Minolta has been developing image processing technologies as its core technology used in copiers, cameras, and healthcare instruments, and is now developing unique device implementation technology for collecting high-quality image data from workplaces.
Edge Device is a set of input/output and data processing devices that visualize data of workplaces to create value. The set of partner devices are ready for use, having been verified for connection and interoperation with Konica Minolta and FORXAI.

Edge Device

Edge Device refers to devices that uses an Imaging AI function or is connected to IoT Platform.
Other devices enabled by Konica Minolta's proprietary technologies are listed in "Edge devices of Konica Minolta" below.

Edge devices of Konica Minolta


This device uses 3D laser scanning technology to seamlessly scan the ambient space to accurately detect intruders and their positions mitigating the effect of darkness and backlight.

Non-breaking infrastructure inspection solution

This solution uses magnetism sensing and IoT data analysis to ensure the future of an infrastructural structure by detecting the breakage of concrete reinforcement steel on a real-time basis without breaking the structure.

X-ray Talbot-Lau imaging device

The X-ray Talbot-Lau imaging device captures in an image the absorption, refraction, and scattering of an x-ray to visualizes the internal structure that was invisible by traditional x-ray instruments. With this device, fiber directions and flows of fiber reinforced plastics in an object can be captured for a large area and in a short time.

Measurement instruments that measure color and brightness of light

Globally standard high accuracy is realized in measurement instruments that have been used in the scenes of research and development, manufacturing, and quality control of many industries. These light measurement instruments (illuminance meters, hue/luminance meters, display/lighting evaluation instruments, etc.) measure the color, brightness, and properties of light sources such as displays, organic EL, and LED.

Measurement instruments that measure colors of things

Measurement instruments (spectrophotometric colorimeter, color difference meter, color reader, etc.) that quantify the color of solid, powder, and liquid objects enable high-quality control of subtle differences of colors, which cannot be recognized by human vision and experience, with global standard quantification.