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FORXAI* is an imaging IoT platform that we promote to accelerate social digital transformation (DX) together with customers and partners.

FORXAI conveys our messages of "Foresight" to unlock the future and "For X AI" to benefit society with AI. "X", which means transformation, illustrates overlapping arrows, symbolizing the convergence of technologies of customers, partners, and Konica Minolta that move forward to the future.

* FORXAI is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta in Japan.

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Top message

"FORXAI" — Image IoT platform for transformation

We announced our image IoT platform "FORXAI (pronounced "forsai")". FORXAI contributes to the advancement of workplaces and the realization of safe and secure societies around the world.

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FORXAI partner program

Here are companies that engage in the FORXAI partnership.
Please feel free to contact us if you want to find a solution or technology that solves your problems or want to join the partnership.

Imaging IoT technologies

Imaging IoT technologies integrate special images and videos obtained from image input devices and various sensor data to bring AI-processed sophisticated recognition and judgment to workplaces (edges) on a real-time basis.

Furthermore, a new high-value-added data service can be provided by analyzing chronological environmental data of workplaces (edges) obtained by a solution based on imaging IoT technologies.

IoT Platform

Set of technologies that connect edge devices to the cloud securely and easily, and that conduct data management and AI processing

Imaging AI

Set of high-speed and high-accuracy AI processing technologies centering around images

Edge Device

Input/output and data processing devices that visualize data of workplaces to create value