FORXAI (pronounced as "forsai") *1 is an Imaging IoT platform *2 that accelerates digital transformation (DX) in society, together with our customers / partners.

*1FORXAI is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta, Inc. in Japan.

*2The Imaging IoT platform means a collaborative place that provides three technologies: the FORXAI IoT Platform, the FORXAI Imaging AI, and the FORXAI Edge Device.

Messages embodied in FORXAI

The naming of "FORXAI" stands for our two concepts;
"Foresight" to unlock the future and "For X AI" to create social values with AI. "X", meaning transformation, implicates an overlap of opposite-direction arrows as well and symbolizes the technology integration of customers, partners and Konica Minolta that move forward to the future.

Go Beyond Human Vision
Persist on a futre that realizes customers' "want to see"

"FORXAI" — Collaboration type of integrated Imaging IoT platform that supports transformation needs of customers

The new system is a collaboration type of integrated Imaging IoT platform developed, by identifying and solving customer problems in their offices and workplaces, to accelerate Digital Transformation (DX). FORXAI consists of proprietary technologies of Konica Minolta as well as various IoT and AI technologies from partner companies.

FORXAI enables partner companies to bring together their own assets to quickly build up high-quality solutions as a platform, thus contributes to the evolution of workplaces around the world and the realization of a safe and secure society.

Partner program that helps activities of partner companies

Konica Minolta provides SDKs and APIs that are necessary for technology partners to containerize their AI technologies and for solution partners to create new solutions using those containerized AI technologies or to enhance those functionality / performance. Those assets will be available to FORXAI partners by the partner program engagement.